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Greenbank Away Games
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Malmesbury 28th Aug 2017

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Greenbank had a lovley game at Malmesbury, who are very welcomimg and a great bowls club to play with. We very much look forward to our next game with Malmesbury.

West Backwell 21st May 2023

Greenbank had a excellent day at West Backwell, the weather was brilliant and so was the game and banter between Greenbank and West Backwell.

West Backwell played very well and gave Greenbank a very good game, but they did win. We look forward to playing West Backwell again and hope to have a bit better luck.

Wooton-u-Edge Sat July 8th 2023

Greenbank played at Wooton-u-Edge on Saturday the 8th  of July 2023, in very pleasant surroundings and very welcoming kind people.

We had a wonderful game, for the most of it, with rain trying to stop play, but in the end the rain got its own way and a few of us got soaked, but this was an enjoyable day none the less.

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