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Greenbank Etiquette

Welcome to all new Greenbank members; there are some things that you need to know to have many enjoyable games of bowls and these are listed below.


For all games it is a requirement to wear a 'club' shirt. There is also a requirement to wear 'grey' or ' 'white' trousers, which will be indicated on the selectors sheets at the clubhouse; knee length shorts are accecptale.

Team Selection

Team Selection works by the 'team-selectors' placing 'availability-sheets' on the club board. These detail the upcoming games; each member is required to indicate their avalability to play by placing a tick against their name and the game to be played.

The 'team selectors' will publish 'team-sheets' based on availabilty of players for each game. Members need to indicate to the club captains that (having been selected) they are still available to play the game listed on the 'team-sheet' (failure to do this may result in you being substituted).


Most games are played with four players (Fours) and each person has a role to play during the game:

The captain of the game is the 'Skip' or  No. 4, he stands at the far end of the rink with his opposing skip and 'calls-the-shots'. The other players stand at the other end of the rink.

The first player (the 'Lead' or No.1) places the mat, delivers the jack and centres it with the aid of the skip. Play then starts with the Lead delivering their first bowl.

The second in the team (No. 2) keeps the score (provided by the No. 3), updates the score-board and periodicaly verifies the score with the opposition No.2.

The third player (No. 3) deputises for the skip when they proceed to bowl; the No. 3 also determines the shots scored and agrees this with the oppostions No. 3. They may need to mesure between bowls to determine which bowls are 'in-the-count' and signal this to thier skip.

Etiquette while Playing

A 'Rink-fee' of £2 is charged for all games, home and away. Your skip will usually collect this.

At the start of the game the players will introduce themselfs and shake hands.

Unless it is your turn to bowl, please stand well behind the mat and out of the eye-line of anyone bowling.

Always act courteously to your opponents (and fellow team members), acknowledging a good-shot, commiserations if not, but overall be nice.

Gentle banter is acceptable, but avoid loud or sudden noises, especiallyif someone is on the mat about to bowl.

It is good ettiquette for the No. 3 of the team who started the current end, to roll their skips wood onto the mat when the skips come to bowl.

When up at the head, stay well behind the bowls and jack and do not cast a shadow on the jack; do not interfere with the No.3s whilst they are working out the scores.

Always keep still when someone is prepairing to bowl and whilst they deliver thier bowl.

Do not offer the Skip advice, this is the job of the No.3 if required.

The Lead of the team who loses the current end has the job of gathering-up all the bowls, once the scores have been agreed, with the 'pusher'; please be careful with the bowls.

The Lead of the winning team will place the mat, deliver and centre the jack starting the next 'end'.

If you need to leave that green for any reason, do not walk across other rinks where bowlers are playing or distract anyone bowling.

Half-way through some games (especialy when it is hot weather), it is usual to stop for a break (tea and biscuits). Please sit with your team on the allocated table; there is normaly a 'raffle' which costs £1 and goes to support 'your club'.

At the conclusion of a game it is customary to shake hands and thank all players for the game played.

At the end of the game it is customary to buy your opponent a drink and sit with them to socialise.

The most important thing is, that everyone has a great game of bowls and enjoys the peace and traquility of our club.

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