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Greenbank 'Club-Night' and Roll-up

Tuseday 21st June 2022 was a lovley evening for a roll-up, which was well attended

This Looks Good

Nice Shot..

Holding One and a Mesure for Second

That's The Shot Wood

Must be in The Count

After a very enjoyable roll-up, everyone came into the clubhouse for some well earned beers.

2023 Club-Night Rollup

Greenbank Bowling Club's Tuseday Evening 'Club-Nights' are proving very popular, with many new people coming to our club to 'have-a-go' at the great game of bowls, enjoy a few beers and the lovley banter too.

Lovely evening for bowls

Were's the jack?

Small dot on the inside...

This one is-in-for shot!

Where did that one go?

Marking a Toucher

Skips Discussing Various Matters

Nice Bowls Head

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