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Greenbank Skittle Evenings

Skittles Evening 2024

I cant wait to have a go!

Go-on Greenbank..!

Greenbank held another 'Skittle Evening' on Friday 15th March 2024, held at Mangotsfield FC. This was well attended by new as well as existing members, who had a jolly good evening.

We also held a fun raffle with some great prizes.

Many thanls to Terry Boulton for arranging this fun evening and all mebers who came at took part.

The Bowling-End...

Object is to knock these 'Down'

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Skittle Evening 2020

Make sure you hit the pins!

Great Greenbank Bowlers.

Get the beers and its your go next.

Greenbank held a skittles evening on Friday 13th March 2020 at Mangotsfield FC, where great fun was had by all with the odd 'duck' here and there.

Two teams competed- Greenbank and Redbridge, with Greenbank being the winners.

There was a raffle with all proceeds towards the new 'Viewing Lounge'.

Many thanks to Terry Boulton who arranged this evening and all who attended.

Club Captain has a go!

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