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Bristol Greenbank Mixed Pairs & NE League Finalists

Iola and Bailey played Shirley and Lynton in the mixed pairs final on the 24th Sept 2022.

Congratulations to the winners - Iola and Bailey

Bristol Greenbank competed in the Bristol NE Bowls League 'Knock-out Cup' 2022, with Greenbank playing Kingswood & Hanham in the 'Finals'; well done to Kingswood & Hanham for winning and we look forward to playing you again.

Congratulations to:

B Quinn, B Shute, C Passmore, C Sposito, H Hudson, J Weekes, K Maguire, M Edwards, M Fletcher, P Roberts, R Powell and T Boulton.

NE League Finals 2023

Greenbank hosted the NE League 'Finals' on Saturday the 2nd of September 2023, which saw Kingswood and Hanham play Olveston.

Kingswood and Hanham won with Olveston were the runners up.


A huge thanks to all club members who helped out with this event. 

What a Great Game to Watch

Congratulations Kingswood & Hanham

Well Done Olveston

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