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Greenbank Torquay Trip 2023

Bristol Greenbank stayed at the Toorak in Torquay on our 2023 Bowls weekend, which was a well deserved break.


We played games of bowls with some lovely local teams, which were very friendly and great fun.


The evening meals were (as always) very good and tasty; so was the breakfast with an excellent selection to be had.


Some of our group made good use of the pool, sauna, steam-room (which was very hot) and the Jacuzzi (very relaxing).


A good number of us went to the ‘games-room’ where we played snooker, ten pin bowling and many other fun games.

Overall Greenbank had a very relaxing, fun and enjoyable break away inTorquay and very much look forward to next year….

Happy Greenbank Bowlers

More Happy Greenbank Bowlers

Wherever You Go You Will Always Find a Millwall Supporter

Think I Will Try a Green One!

No... Not Again!!

Good Here In'it

Good Food and Company

Wine's Good!

Must Come Here Next Year!

Millwall Supporter Tries Local Pubs

Greenbank Torquay Trip 2022

Early November 2022, Bristol Greenbank Bowling Club went to Torquay and stayed at the Toorak hotel, where we enjoyed several games of bowls, playing local bowling clubs.

In the evenings we enjoyed a three course dinner and breakfast the next day; the food was plentyful, a good selection and tasted good.

Some of our group made good use of the swimming pool, sauna, steam-room and jacuzzi, whilst others went to the games-room playing ten-pin-bowling and snooker, as well as other chalenging games.

Great Games of Bowls

Ten Pin Bowling


Three Course Evening Dinner

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