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2014 Season

City and County of Bristol Finals

A pair, a triple and a four from Greenbank qualified for the City and County finals held on the 21st and 22nd of September at St Annes Park Bowling Club.

The Pairs were held on the Saturday when Jeff Lowden skipped with Graham Hudd at lead. An incredible first end finished with Jeff and Graham picking up a "Hot Shot" which set them up nicely to end the game as champions winning 24 - 18 against K Lane and D Gregory of Portishead  RBL.

The Fours final was held on the Sunday afternoon when Pete Belsten (Lead), John Ind (Two) Jeff Lowden (Three) and Scott Avery (Skip) played a Keith Elliott four from Bristol St. Andrews. As in the morning the Greenbank rink ended as runners up after being beaten by 20 - 9.

The triple of Graham Hudd (Lead) John Ind and Jeff Lowden (Skip) played on Saturday afternoon and were matched against a Chris Bentley three from Olveston and District. A closely contested match ended with the Olveston three as champions winning 18 - 15.

Congratulations go to Jeff Lowden who played in all three finals, skipping two of them.

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